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How Cryptocurrency works. Explained P2

Blockchain is just a secure type of Ledger so you know that big spreadsheet That everyone has that’s recording Transactions. Blockchain is just a way of organizing. It funnily enough Into blocks so every time I pay for Something with bitcoin. That transaction is recorded as a block. Each block …

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How Cryptocurrency works. Explained P1

All right bitcoin blockchain dogecoin Ethereum nights Everyone is talking about Cryptocurrencies right now, but Good lord, what does all of it mean so Welcome to the one post that will take You from crypto noob To crypto genius. I’m going to tell you What it is, why it keeps …

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5 Cryptocurrency Investments Tips For Beginners

So whether you’re new to cryptocurrency and you’re excited and ready to buy, or if you’ve been procrastinating this decision for a while but you’re finally ready to take that plunge… you’ve definitely made it to the right place. Because in this post, we’re gonna cover the Top 5 things …

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